Who are we?   Where do we come from?   How did we get here? – Get answers at our JEP Heritage Panel Discussion, and stick around to watch a series of 5-10 “rapid-fire” 5-minute speeches called IGNITE talks.

Panel Discussion – starring the OLDEST members of our clan

The “JEP Heritage Panel” discussion will give those of us in the younger generations a feeling for our elder’s early lives growing up in the 1920’s,  1930’s and 1940s. For example, Albert Plant  knows the story of how his father, Ralph Plant bought the property at Crescent Beach. Elva Plant survived the cold British winter of 1952 eating mostly chocolate from her friend Guy whose shop Purdy’s still sells candy! Hear from Richard Hastie how his Uncle Charles Plant rowed a boat next to Richard’s mother Lillian as she swam all the way from Bowen Island to Horseshoe Bay… over 1.5 miles through busy maritime shipping lanes!

Ignite Talks – “Enlighten Us, but Make It Quick” – starring the YOUNGEST of us – and anyone really!!

Family participants will share ideas and personal or professional passions within a SHORT 5 minute segment. Each speaker gets 5 minutes, and can use 20 PowerPoint slides.  Each slide will advance automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast. Ignite us! Educate us about who you are! Share a story about you or your family! Pitch us! Ask for help! Tell us why you came to the reunion. The 5 minute deadline is hard, verbose speakers are rushed off the stage! This will be fun. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO SPEAK. I am reachable at or at 310.709.2888.  To learn about the history click here: History of Ignite Talks, or click here to see a Google search and see videos and more explaining this exciting communication method!