Getting Around

Crescent Beach is amazing.

Crescent Beach Village Map

We are all so blessed and thankful to Ralph Plant to have what we call “Crescent” as a part of who we are. It is our favorite place ON EARTH!  This section of the website will help you:

  • Get around Crescent Beach – above is a CUSTOM MAP made for Plant Family Reunion members
  • FUN THINGS to do at Crescent Beach
  • Crescent Beach sunsets are the BEST on earth – bring your camera!
  • Conflicts with Reunion Agenda but GREAT FUN for kids – FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE RACES for kids 0-12 – get in, run, get your candy, come back!
  • Rent paddle boards – use Sea To Sky Adventures. 3042 O’Hara Lane is walking distance to Blackie Spit
  • Go swimming – in front of Elva’s house with the ducks!!
  • Rent a boat – but not in Crescent Beach! – We borrow and use Crescent Beach Swimming Club (CBSC) club boats if available!
  • Go sailing – we are looking into this.
  • Go kayaking – especially at night under the stars – but be careful!!
    • borrow the Schulz’s – next door to Elva on the north side
    • borrow the Carter’s – maybe stored in Elva’s yard for the weekend!
  • Go bikingRent a road bike from Sports Replay 45 minutes north of 3042 – 13 mile ride around Crescent Beach – map coming soon.
  • Go fishing nearby
    • off the pier – 5 minute walk on the beach north of 3042 O’Hara Lane
    • first go dig for your bait (crayfish) – Tom, Matt, Mary Kate, Jackie, and Mike Reid will explain and may take you!! (bring shovels and pails)
  • Go JOGGING – a 5.5 mile loop down the beach, up Sandy Trail, thru the neighborhood, around Crescent Park, then back to 3042 O’hara Lane
  • Go pier jumping (don’t tell Elva! – sure LOOKS like fun – see below)
  • Build sandcastles

The Beach in front of Elva’s WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIS – Video of Crescent Beach in November

But hopefully will have wonderful warm evenings like this:

Jumping off the Pier Shot