Joseph Plant and Family

Reunion 1939

Reunion 1989


Mike says that this is the reunion that will never end. Despite his positive outlook it is scheduled for Thursday July 17th to Sunday July 20th. Here’s what is going on.



For those of us stuck in the past or needing a reminder of why you might be related to the person with whom you’ll be having dinner, here’s some stuff to set the facts straight.

Fun Stuff

Here’s your chance for immortality. Send us pictures, links to YouTube videos or things you think will amaze, edify, entertain (or even bore) other family members.

Plant’s Bakery

This photo is of Joseph Plant’s bakery at 410 Uxbridge Road in London. The picture was taken in about 1905 and according to George Plant, the boy to the left of the building is Alfred Plant, George’s father. Joseph Plant operated the bakery until 1909 at which point Joseph Eugene took over the management of it. If you look at Street View in Google Maps you can see that the building and all the other buildings in the picture still exist. The bakery is now a Kabab shop.